The U.S. shouldn't depend on Iran to help defeat ISIS

James Phillips --- The Daily Signal 

Suggestions have been floated that the U.S. should work with Iran to defeat the growing threat posed by the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.  Advocates of strategic cooperation claim that Iran and the U.S. share some common national interests in preventing the rise of the Islamic State, which seeks to overthrow all of the governments of nearby countries and absorb them into its harsh vision of a global caliphate.

But this argument, based on presumed national interests, neglects the fact that the regime in Tehran often pursues its narrow ideological interest at the cost of Iran’s broader national interests.  The logic of Iran’s Islamist revolution repeatedly has trumped the logic of Iran’s national interest.

For example, Washington and Tehran in the past have shared common enemies in Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and the Taliban regime that ruled Afghanistan until 2001.  But Iran made little effort to help the United States defeat these enemies, because the regime regarded the United States, which it denounces as the “Great Satan,” to be its ultimate ideological enemy.

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