ISIS recruits children under the age of 16 as its jihad "Cubs"

Megan Specia --- Mashable 

The Islamic State is reportedly grooming children to join its militant group through "Cub camps" aimed at those under 16 years old.

In a move that seems to take a page from the Boy Scouts of America, children designated as "Cubs" are trained in the militant-run camps to prepare for a life of jihad.

Iraqi security officials told NBC News that the children, deemed "Cubs" in ISIS propaganda videos, are being taught the "principles of jihad" at several camp across Iraq and Syria.

The children wield AK-47s, watch beheadings and train in military drills before graduating from the camps within one month, according to the unnamed official.

Photos, described as showing "A Tour Inside Shaddad Al-Tounisi Camp for Cubs of the Islamic State," were circulated by accounts associated with the group in September.

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