Springs' Air Force pilot goes above and beyond the call of duty

Talk about heroism! Thank you to all of our men and women in uniform.


SOURCE: Staff Sgt. Jacob Morgan

Most people think that during an emergency they would step up to the plate, act heroically and do what is necessary to save lives. Thinking one might rescue the day is a noble thought, but acting on those thoughts is what sets the nation's heroes above noble thinkers.

"Every pilot thinks 'what would I do if this all goes wrong' on an aircraft they are not controlling," said Capt. Mark Gongol, a B-1B Lancer pilot and the 13th Air Support Operations Squadron assistant director of operations at Fort Carson, Colorado. "As a professional courtesy, we all know the aircrew at civilian airlines are extremely qualified, but as a byproduct of being a pilot, I always have a heightened awareness when flying -- however, I never thought I would be in the situation I was in."

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