Denver museum honors Colorado WWI veterans

As the 100th anniversary of World War I dawns, we remember all those who sacrificed to protect this country's cherished freedoms.



It has been a hundred years since the beginning of World War I. More than 43,000 Colorado soldiers were part of this call to arms, including Molly Brown's son.

The Molly Brown House is marking the anniversary with a new exhibit. Andrea Malcomb, director of the Molly Brown House Museum, was in the 9NEWS studio Monday to discuss Brown's son Lawrence and what effect his service in World War One had on her.

Molly Brown also became one of the key women of her era to help with humanitarian relief efforts in France, including getting field hospitals built and helping with the distribution of food.

The exhibit, titled "Call to Arms: Colorado at War, 1914-2014" highlights the service of soldiers such as Lawrence Brown and the work of Margaret Brown with the American Red Cross ambulance corps in France and the rehabilitation of soldiers in the United States after the war.

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