Has the Obama Administration made the U.S. a target?

Should Americans be worried about our international security? According to Dakota Wood of the Daily Signal, Obama's chosen inaction in the recent Iraqi crisis, as well as in Crimea, Syria and Libya has made the U.S. an easy target for future terrorists. 

Photo: Newscom, The Daily Signal

Photo: Newscom, The Daily Signal

Dakota Wood --- The Daily Signal

There is a strategic dimension to the rapidly unfolding crisis in Iraq that hasn’t garnered much attention but could have a significant impact on the broader and longer-term security, economic and diplomatic interests of the United States.

The Obama White House clearly has little interest in remaining intimately engaged in the messy disputes of the world that occur beyond our borders. It orchestrated the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011 and seeks to do the same in Afghanistan over the next 18 months. It “led from behind” in Libya, elected not to intervene in the Ukraine-Crimea crisis, has been a no-show in both the Syrian and now Iraqi crises and has refused even to take China to task for bullying its neighbors in the East and South China seas.

The administration perceives this as prudence; the rest of the world as weakness. And when radicals perceive weakness, they take action.

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