What happened to this cadet who insulted his brass?

A rare opportunity for Air Force Academy cadets to sound off to their superior officers occurred in the Springs recently.
Was this is a display or organized insubordination or just a lighthearted way to let off a little steam?


SOURCE: Tom Roeder, Colorado Springs Gazette

A galaxy of stars was left smoking after the gentle ministrations of the trainers at the Air Force Academy Wednesday.

"Why are you smiling Basic?" cadet Nichole Freeman screamed at Maj. Gen. Gregory Lengyel.

"This is not summer camp, you are in the military," she shouted at Brig. Gen. Andy Armacost.

Those three stars at any other moment could squash cadet Freeman and any of her Air Force Academy classmates. Lengyel is the commandant of cadets and Armacost is the dean of faculty. Cadets who abuse those generals at the school usually see their military dreams end instantly.

But Wednesday brought a brief role reversal as the generals checked out what the academy's latest crop of basic trainees, "doolies" in local patois, will face Thursday morning.

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