Cracker Barrel fired this elderly Vietnam Veteran for WHAT?

Is this a legitimate termination from Cracker Barrel or a case of strict rules run amok?


You decide.


SOURCE: Fox News

A 73-year-old Vietnam veteran paid a high price for a free muffin.

It’s a rule. They legally can do this because I did break the rule.
— Joe Koblenzer

Joe Koblenzer says he was fired by a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Florida after he gave a needy person a corn muffin for free, WWSB reported.

Koblenzer, who had been with the eatery in Sarasota for three years, told the station that he was previously written up twice before the muffin infraction: once for having a fountain drink while on duty, and another time for allegedly giving a woman a free cup of coffee. In the latter instance, Koblenzer says the customer paid for the coffee.

Cracker Barrel, however, says the muffin giveaway was Koblenzer’s fifth violation of company policy, which includes not giving away food and not consuming food without paying for it.