Local veteran remembers Battle of Britian

Sadly, World War II veterans are dying at a rapid rate. Read this story of a local veteran who reminisces on her service.


SOURCE: Colorado Springs Gazette

On Sept. 12, 1940, the peak of Germany's campaign to gain air superiority over the United Kingdom ahead of a planned invasion across the Channel, an English country girl about 21 waited on a bus near the small Victorian spa town of Harrogate.

As she waited with her younger sister, a single airplane came in low and began to circle overhead. The girls watched curiously until they heard the familiar sound of a diving German Stuka and the blast of the first of three 1,000-pound bombs.

Now living in Colorado Springs, Monica Agnew-Kinnaman said she has never forgotten that sound, which she heard repeatedly for the next several years as an anti-aircraft artillery soldier with the British Army.

"We were the first line of defense," Agnew-Kinnaman said.

While most women stayed home in those days, Agnew-Kinnaman said she was determined to be part of the defense of the kingdom.

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