Pew: Americans favor Israel over Palestine in a big way

Does this truly surprise anyone?


SOURCE: Breitbart



A total of 51% of Americans side with Israel and 14% with the Palestinians. Another 15% say they do not favor either side, and 3% sympathize with both.

Republican support for Israel is rising; the percentage was 68% in April but now has risen to 73%. Among Democrats, the number has fallen slightly from 46% in April to 44% currently. Independents have dropped from 51% to 45%. Virtually the same as in April, 17% of Democrats, 17% of independents, and 6% of Republicans favor the Palestinians over Israel.

Older Americans are more likely to favor Israel. Of those 65 and older, 60% support the Jewish state. Among those 50-64, 56% support Israel. Of those in the 30-49 age group, 47% support Israel, while 44% under 30 are on her side.