Air Force Academy tightens its belt amid cuts

After the Air Force cut nearly 3,500 positions this month, the Air Force Academy has announced that it is also cutting back.


SOURCE: Air Force Times

The Air Force Academy will be forced to cut 10 academic majors and 99 military and civilian staff positions under the fiscal 2015 budget.

In a March 3 briefing with reporters, Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson said that the academy is planning to cut the basic sciences, biochemistry, materials chemistry, general engineering, environmental engineering, humanities, philosophy, social science, systems engineering management and meteorology majors — nearly one-third of the 33 majors currently offered.

The academy plans to cut three academic courses from its graduation requirements, but has not yet decided which ones. And the academy will cut three cadet programs: its leadership exchange program with Air Education and Training Command, the Philmont Rangers, and its joint service training programs.

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