CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hamas launches rocket from residential area

Tell us again how Hamas is a humanitarian organization that supports Gaza?
These ruthless thugs must be stopped.


Originally from Mediaite/NDTV:

There have been some disturbing videos emerging in the current Gaza conflict, but Indian TV network NDTV captured unbelievable footage of Islamic militants preparing to launch a rocket at Israel in a densely-populated civilian area.

The NDTV reporter spotted a blue tent being set up, with three people walking in and out of it. The next day, there was a rocket fired from that exact spot where he had spotted the tent. It’s important to note that this was being worked on in a “residential area full of hotels.”

The rocket was fired shortly prior to the 72-hour ceasefire and is being billed by NDTV as an exclusive look into “how Hamas assembles and fires rockets.”

It was only yesterday that Israel’s military blog posted what they claimed to be a manual detailing how Hamas uses human shields to defend themselves.

You can watch the video below, via NDTV: