U.S. Military Withdrawing What Little Ordinance They Had to Strike at ISIS from Air

The U.S. has begun withdrawing the dozen F-15 fighters -- six F-15E Strike Eagles and six F-15C interceptors -- which arrived last month at the Incirlik airbase in southeastern Turkey to fly missions against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, U.S. European Command announced Wednesday.

In a brief statement, the command said the aircraft would be returning to the 48th Fighter Wing at the Royal Air Force base at Lakenheath in Britain. There was no immediate word on whether the aircraft would be replaced.

Six F-15Cs arrived at Incirlik on Nov. 6 to assist in training and participate in missions with Turkish F-16s guarding Turkish airspace, the command said. A week later, six F-15Es landed at Incirlik as part of Operation Inherent Resolve to fly strike missions in Syria and Iraq against ISIS.

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