Iran's Defiance to U.S. Power Proves Danger of Lifting Sanctions

At the same time President Obama was delivering his State of the Union address, assuring Congress and the American people that America's standing in the world is stronger than ever, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were sending a different, less-soothing message: the Middle East belongs to them.

Just a few hours earlier, two U.S. Navy patrol boats reportedly strayed into waters claimed by Iran. The boats and ten U.S. sailors on board were seized by Iranian forces. They were thankfully released the following day, but not before the U.S. was suitably publicly humiliated. Secretary Kerry expressed his gratitude to Iranian authorities for the release, never mind that they should not have been held to begin with. The BBC reported that Iran had demanded an apology from the U.S. before the release and suggested we had met that demand.

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