A Conservative Senate could mean more jobs and lowered national debt

Lee Edwards --- The Daily Signal 

If Republicans should capture the Senate and retain their majority in the House of Representatives, can they move America toward greater freedom, opportunity and prosperity in the next two years? Or, as some cynics claim, will a conservative Congress and a liberal president simply produce more of the divided uber-partisan government that has characterized Washington politics the last two years?

In fact, there is much that a conservative Congress can propose and dispose in a wide variety of areas from the economy and the role of government to foreign policy, national security and the judiciary. With one eye on his legacy and another on the 2016 elections, President Obama will not dare veto or block every conservative proposal.

Today, because of American ingenuity and technological skill, the United States has become the world’s leading oil and natural gas producer. A top priority of the new Congress should be to secure the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to ensure our No.1 standing.

The tax code has become so cumbersome and complicated that even Ernst and Young is not sure what is in it. A congressional priority should be a reformed code with a flat, fair rate for all. A corollary reform would be to lower the corporate tax—now the highest in the industrialized world–so that U.S. corporations will stop moving overseas and stay home.

It is unacceptable that we now have a national debt of nearly $18 trillion, about $300,000 per American family. Federal spending must come down, starting with what might be called “Operation Just Say No.” In its oversight role, Congress should push to combine and eliminate the 80 different education programs aimed at improving teacher quality, the 80 different transportation programs that serve disadvantaged individuals, the 80 different welfare programs, the 45 different job training programs.

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