Notice more political ads than normal this year? Like $105 million worth?

Sandra Fish --- Colorado Public Radio 

Colorado political TV advertising topped $105 million in the last week of the 2014 campaign, with Republicans winning the spending race but Democrats dominating the number of ads run. The nearly 123,000 ads in the state would consume nearly 43 days if run back to back, based on contracts filed by traditional Colorado TV stations with the Federal Communications Commission through Oct. 31. CPR’s analysis doesn’t include cable or satellite ads because they don’t have to report to the FCC. 

The U.S. Senate contest between Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner is the source of most of the advertising. In the final month of the campaign, Republicans took the lead in advertising.

Udall tops all advertisers with more than 18,000 ads aired or scheduled to air.

That’s in part because candidates get cheaper rates than outside groups such as Crossroads GPS, the state’s top advertiser at $10.6 million. And Udall began advertising in late April and has been on the air ever since.

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