How you can help families of the Mesa County mudslide

Last week, a massive mudslide struck Grand Mesa in Mesa County Colorado, on the state's Western Slope.

Here's how you can help one of the families devastated by the disaster.


In 2012 the documentary A Place at the Table introduced us to fifth-grade teacher Leslie Nichols. In the film, the Collbran, Colo., educator showed us how hunger and food insecurity affect children in the classroom. We saw her deliver food to needy families in her small town, including the family of one of her students, Rosie.

Now the schoolteacher could use our help.  

Nichols lost two family members in the Grand Mesa mudslide in Colorado last week. The Denver Post reports that her cousin Clancy Nichols, a Mesa County road and bridge department worker, and his son Daniel Nichols, a geologist, were checking slide damage near the irrigation source used by local farms when a massive slide buried them. A memorial service for the Nicholses and Wes Hawkins, another victim, was held Sunday in the Plateau Valley High School gym and drew 1,000 mourners. 

“This tragedy has shocked all of us and shaken our beings,” Evonne Stites, cousin to the victims, said at the service.

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