CORPORATE GREED? Starbucks to fund employee college tuition

The corner coffee shop that happens to be on every street corner will start to fund its employee college tuition, in a stark contrast to the liberal narrative of corporate greed.


SOURCE: Politico

Starbucks soon will be helping college kids with more than pulling all-nighters.

The company best known for its pricey java chip frappuccinos said Sunday it will pay a huge chunk of college tuition for its baristas and the rest of its 135,000 U.S. employees through a new partnership with Arizona State University.

Many companies reimburse students for a portion of the undergraduate or graduate school tuition, but fewer go this far — and the coffee chain won’t require employees who use the benefit to continue working at one of its 8,000 stores past graduation.

“There’s no doubt, the inequality within the country has created a situation where many Americans are being left behind,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said. “The question for all of us is, should we accept that, or should we try and do something about it?”
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