Despite the Islamist threat, these brave girls still go to school

School children in Guinea.

School children in Guinea.

Boy, this puts it in perspective, doesn't it? These girls fear for their lives every day just because they go to school.


SOURCE: The Blaze

Just miles from where Boko Haram extremists kidnapped 300 girls in Nigeria lies an all-girls boarding school. It’s two acres and is protected only by five walls, a lone security guard and an old machine gun.

“It’s maybe 2 acres [and] it would be easy for anyone to jump over the wall,” David Darg told TheBlaze. “At their request they asked us to buy razor wire to line the entire top of the wall, which we did.”

Darg is the vice president of international operations for the Christian humanitarian group Operation Blessing International. He told TheBlaze Wednesday that his organization has been heavily involved in helping the school kids by providing food, resources and technology.

But despite the added razor wire, Darg and the school — which TheBlaze was asked not to name due to safety concerns — are worried it could be the next target.

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