Federal government blocks water to pot growers

Another chapter in the ongoing battle between Colorado and the federal government on our new pot laws.


SOURCE: The Pueblo Chieftain

A Bureau of Reclamation decision to prohibit using federally controlled water to grow marijuana has some people scratching their heads, and others banging them.

Reclamation Tuesday announced a temporary policy that requires its employees to turn over information about known marijuana activities to the Department of Justice under conformance with federal law, even in states where marijuana has been legalized.

“Reclamation will operate its facilities and administer its water-related contracts in a manner that is consistent with the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, as amended,” said Dan DuBray, public affairs chief for Reclamation.

Reclamation supplies irrigation water or controls projects that supply irrigation water in Colorado and Washington, which have legalized marijuana.

County Commissioner Sal Pace erupted at the news.

“We can’t even trust the feds to give us a simple statement. The Bureau of Reclamation has come out with confusing rules on marijuana,” Pace said. “The rules appear to change nothing while trying hard to sound firm.”

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