Birth control issue sparks debate between Gardner and Udall

By Lynn Bartels and Mark K. Matthews
The Denver Post

The battle over birth control in Colorado's U.S. Senate race exploded Thursday when Congressman Cory Gardner accused Democrats of not wanting to make contraceptives available over the counter.

He unloaded on his opponent, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, accusing him and Democratic leaders of using the issue as a "wedge to divide our state" rather then pushing to make the pill available at pharmacies.

"They argue that I, and others, would ban contraception when they know that charge is completely untrue," Gardner wrote in an online opinion piece in The Denver Post.

"They ignore the massive new layers of bureaucracy and higher costs imposed by the president's partisan health care law, forcing women to deal with that problem instead of repealing and starting over with common-sense, bipartisan reform."

The left fired back, attacking Gardner's record as a state lawmaker and a two-term Republican congressman on women's issues.

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