LAUGH OUT LOUD ALERT: See the dumbest criminal ever

If you're under arrest and try to steal a cop car, you might as well crash the vehicle into a tree and over a fence, right? *facepalm.*

Originally from the Colorado Springs Gazette, Emily Donovan.

A man who was left handcuffed in the back seat of a Colorado Springs police cruiser allegedly escaped his restraints, unlocked a window separating the front and back seats and climbed through the opening to steal the patrol car Tuesday night.

Dustin Guinn, 21, drove recklessly for five minutes, hitting a parked car that smashed against a guard rail, said Lt. Catherine Buckley, a police spokeswoman. Guinn then crashed into the chain link fence surrounding the front yard at 2010 S. Corona Ave., where the cruiser came to rest against a tree, police said.

The escapade began on the city's south side as police were investigating a car break-in. Police could not connect Guinn to the break-in, but found he had felony and misdemeanor arrants for his arrest.

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