Only in Colorado: Marijuana for veterans?

Is this only-in-Colorado a good thing or a slippery slope?


Originally from the Colorado Springs Independent:

Roger Martin, a tall, goateed 62-year-old in a black suit and dark tie, had his white hair pulled back into a ponytail one day last week at the DoubleTree by Hilton. The simple style helped keep him moving without interruption as he worked with volunteers outside a small ballroom, trying to do six things at once. The occasion was Martin's Woodland Park-based group, Operation Grow4Vets, staging its second marijuana giveaway and information session.

All crises averted, he returned to a room where people were scattered, such as a gentleman with a walker and a pin on his hat that read "Gulf War Veteran" and a skinny man with a ready grin and bushy white beard wearing a faded Ed McCaffrey jersey. A deejay spinning "Could You Be Loved" sat on a stage at the front, while tables from organizations such as Von Alpenmac German Shepherds, a Black Forest breeder raising and training service dogs, lined the walls. Other tables showed off donated prizes for a raffle, which is the main way Operation Grow4Vets raises money, or offered information on strain-testing options.

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