Arapahoe County forms marijuana taskforce

One metro area county is confronting the problem.

Originally from The Denver Post:

The 18th Judicial District Attorney and Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office are in discussions to organize a new drug task force for Arapahoe County after the disbanding of the South Metro Drug Task Force in 2012.

The new drug task force would mirror the South Metro Drug Task Force, but would only be for Arapahoe County jurisdictions, minus the Aurora Police Department, which has its own drug task force, and not the Douglas County Sheriff's Office,which has its own pattern crimes unit.

The idea for the new task force was the brain child of 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler who saw, even before the disbandment of the South Metro Drug Task Force, a need for a more concerted effort to tackle the increase of illegal drug sales. The South Metro Drug Task Force was disbanded because of lack of involvement of jurisdictions, said Englewood Police Chief John Collins.

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