Former Secret Service agent and House candidate rips apart D.C. insider culture

 Justen Charters ---- The Independent Journal Review

Former Secret Service Agent Daniel Bongino, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, recently slammed D.C. insider culture with a message that goes beyond politics.

Over the weekend, Bongino was at a press conference on Capitol Hill for the family of one of the victims of the Benghazi terror attacks. And what he witnessed helped him realize how out of touch the Beltway is to Main Street America.

Bongino posted to his Facebook page:

Over the past few weeks I’ve read a number of articles about DC insiders, from both the elected and bureaucratic-classes, being “surprised” by American public opinion on a range of topics.

Whether it be the “surprise” backlash against the proposed presidential amnesty plan, or the “surprise” at the shift in public opinion on ISIS, the DC elites seem to be consistently caught flat-footed.

They may be surprised, but I’m not. While on Capitol Hill this week, and speaking at a press conference with the family of one of the victims of the Benghazi terror attacks, I watched a number of Capitol Hill staffers and members walk by with that smug, smart-ass look, that only an insulated career in Washington DC can impart upon their out-of-touch faces.

You see, to them this is all a game. A grieving family’s request for simple answers about the death of their son is nothing more than a smug look and a “phony-scandal” sound bite to them. This is all a House of Cards to be gamed for the preservation and consolidation of power, and the very idea that there’s a growing body of beyond-frustrated and angry Americans, fed up with this garbage, is nothing more than a joke at one of their evening cocktail parties.

Whether it be the insider-establishment putting their boots on the necks of grassroots candidates, or Secretary of State Kerry slyly looking into the camera and telling you we’re not at war as the bombs are dropping, the DC insider-crowd has grown into a nearly separate and distinct society which lives completely insulated from what they call “flyover country.”

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