VIDEO: Republican candidate's son has message for opponent: "Stop telling lies about my Dad on TV"

Catalina Camia --- USA Today 

The son of Republican Rob Astorino has a message for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Stop telling lies about my Dad on TV.”

Sean Astorino, 11, is featured in a new Web video castigating Cuomo over a doctored family photo, which was used in a campaign ad attacking the Westchester County executive for being a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Sean is cut out of the photo ad by the Erie County Democratic Committee, and the boy proclaims in his message to Cuomo that it was one of his favorites.

“Do you really like chopping up Astorino family photos?” Sean asks. “We wouldn’t do that to you.”

Candidates have sometimes used their children in campaign ads to great effect. Dante de Blasio was featured in a much-talked-about TV ad for his father, the New York City mayor, that many people say helped Bill de Blasio secure the Democratic nomination for office. Rep. Jack Kingston’s four children attested to their dad’s frugality in an ad that helped him get into a GOP runoff for Georgia Senate.

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