VIDEO: Generation Opportunity uses Tinder dating app to target millennials, asking them to "swipe left" on Sen. Udall

Definitely one of the more creative ways to reach the millennial generation of voters. Nice work, GenOpp! 

Rebecca Nelson --- The National Journal 

If you saw Mark Udall on Tinder, which way would you swipe?

In his mid-60s and married, the Democratic senator from Colorado probably doesn't use the hook-up app, which allows users to OK paramours with a right swipe and deny them by swiping left. And he definitely doesn't use Pander, the mock app featured in conservative "millennial advocacy" outfit Generation Opportunity's new YouTube ad.

Released Friday by the Colorado branch of the organization, the 30-second spot urges young people to swipe left—the digital version of saying, "Thanks, but I'm not interested"—on Udall. Udall, who's up for reelection this year in a tight race, supported the Affordable Care Act and cosponsored the Marketplace Fairness Act, which allows states to levy taxes on Web retailers who operate instate but don't have a physical presence there. Generation Opportunity and other conservative groups oppose the legislation, which they've labeled the "Internet Sales Tax."