VIDEO: Team IMPACT lets young cancer patients play college sports

CBS Channel 4

Two elementary school students have made the big leap to college teams after the Regis University athletic program welcomed them on Wednesday.

Myles Krick, 11, and Jamie Crook, 9, both were diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Thanks to a program called “Team IMPACT,” Myles is joining Regis’s baseball team and Jamie is joining the soccer team.

They both will get team uniforms, lockers and will take part in practices.

“To add Myles to our team is a blessing and is something I think everyone is going to cherish who is involved in our program,” Regis baseball coach Chris Terry said.

“Inspiring — for our players, for our staff, and for you, Jamie, and your family,” Regis girls’ soccer coach J.B. Belzer said.

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