Coloradans can expect lowered gas prices in coming weeks

Denver Business Journal via 9News

If the pain at the pump seems to be easing lately — it is.

AAA said the price of gas is falling across the country by an average drop of 40 cents a gallon since July 4. Experts said it could go even lower by the time the holiday season comes around.

"The economy is certainly going to get a nice boost from lower gas prices," AAA spokesperson Michael Green said.

In a gas-driven economy, it's the kind of news drivers welcome.

"It definitely helps out," driver Mark Stevens said.

Here in Colorado, the average price of a gallon of gas is about $3.35.

Still, experts said the drop in price comes mainly because of a booming supply of oil from here in the U.S. It is a trend, which started this summer and is expected to continue through the end of the year — for one main reason.

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