The GOP swept the midterm elections. Here's what comes next

Melissa Quinn --- The Daily Signal 

Republicans’ heady win on Election Day, in which they regained control of the U.S. Senate and increased their majority in the House, soon will give way to sober reality.

While awaiting their newly elected colleagues’ arrival in January,  GOP lawmakers will be faced with a “lame duck” session that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has designs upon.

They know the Nevada Democrat is sure to have his own ideas about how to usher in the final two years of President Obama before Republicans take charge of the  Senate.

Republicans picked up seven seats Tuesday night, decisively shifting the balance of power in the upper chamber. They could gain two more seats, as races in Virginia and Alaska have yet to be officially called and Louisiana will be determined after a Dec. 6 runoff.

In the House, the GOP netted 14 seats for the largest GOP majority since the 1920s.

But as Republicans revel in their sweeping victory, Democrats — including ousted representatives and senators — are preparing to return to Washington for their last two months of legislating. Known as a lame duck session, the last few weeks of the 113th Congress provide an opportunity for spending bills and contested measures to be brought before the House and Senate.

“All sorts of controversial issues and massive bills could be brought up when We the People think it’s safe to turn our attention away from Washington and enjoy family, fall and football,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMintwrote in a commentary. The former Republican senator from South Carolina said of the outgoing majority leader:

“Harry Reid has been clear in his desire to preserve corporate welfare for big ‘green’ energy companies by tying it to good, ‘must pass’ tax provisions, instead of waiting until next year to consider them separately.”

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