Gazette Editorial: Coffman an asset to colorado

Representative Mike Coffman is in a re-election battle and is picking up support from across the state, including this editorial from Colorado Springs.


SOURCE: Colorado Springs Gazette

Up in Colorado's 6th Congressional District, wannabe career politician Andrew Romanoff is trying to unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman - one of Colorado's strongest assets in Washington.


Romanoff was the hyperliberal speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives from 2005 to 2008. He was largely considered the presumptive successor to former Sen. Ken Salazar, who resigned from the Senate in 2009 to accept President Barack Obama's appointment as secretary of the interior. In his good judgment, then-Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat, declined to appoint Romanoff and instead chose Denver Public Schools Superintendent Michael Bennet.

Instead of accepting his plight with grace, getting behind a highly qualified appointee from his party, Romanoff threw a political temper tantrum. He sold his home and used the proceeds to pay for a primary challenge to Bennet the moment the appointed incumbent came up for election. Romanoff lost the race and the respect of his party.

Coffman can only be viewed as a selfless American hero. He was elected state treasurer in 1998 and re-elected in 2002. He could have simply enjoyed the comfortable prestige of a statewide office, as any career politician would do. Instead, he resigned the position in 2005 to put himself in harm's way for the sake of his country. He rejoined the Marine Corps and ventured to Iraq, where his talents were needed to support the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq. After risking his life to help ensure fair and free elections in the country, Coffman returned to Colorado and was reappointed as state treasurer before getting elected as secretary of state.

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