Have you seen Mark Udall?

Apparently Colorado's senior senator is missing from many public events in the Centennial State.


SOURCE: The Colorado Observer?

Where in the world is Sen. Mark Udall?

We don’t mean politically, but physically, literally, where is the Colorado Democrat spending his time during a crucial election year?

He doesn’t’ seem to be devoting much of his schedule to pressing the flesh of Charlie and Cindy Constituent in Colorado, despite the tight contest with Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner.

In fact, his Senate schedule has noted only one public appearance this year – a May 17 meeting in Grand Junction to discuss turning the Colorado National Monument into a national park.

We’ve tracked down his Colorado appearances in the last few months and found that he also attended a meeting in Carbondale to voice concerns about energy development, and a Durango assembly focused on bringing televised Bronco games to the Four Corners region.

The politician made an appearance at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Denver, spent Memorial Day with local veterans, made a speech in Denver on protecting our “special way of life,” and went to NORAD to discuss the military’s role in firefighting. He also attended an RSVP-only energy forum with Obama’s energy secretary.

The most widely-publicized events the senior senator will attend this year in the state will also be the most exclusive and require thousands of dollars in political donations to attend – fundraisers with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

That’s pretty much it.

So how did Charlie and Cindy Citizen from Colorado score a meeting with their public servant who represents their interests in Washington, D.C.?

Judging by Udall’s hyperactive Twitter feed, one goes to Washington to gain an audience with the senator.

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