PRIMARY: Governor candidates sound off

With one day left in the contentious governor's primary, the four men vying to unseat John Hickenlooper sat down with the Aurora Sentinel. Read what they had to say.


SOURCE: Aurora Sentinel

DENVER | The four Republican gubernatorial contenders in Tuesday’s primary answer questions about what policies they’d pursue if elected.

Each responded in writing. Answers were edited for space reasons.


Q: With the caveat that as governor you would not have full power to change or undo current laws — unless your party regains control of the Legislature — what policies that have been implemented by the current administration would you most focus on trying to modify or erase?

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez: As governor, it is my duty to serve the people, regardless of who holds the majority in the Legislature. Through strong leadership, I will work to unite our government and pass laws that best serve the people of Colorado.

Secretary of State Scott Gessler: Current renewable energy mandates for power companies have dramatically increased utility prices; we should remove those burdensome mandates. -

Former State Sen. Mike Kopp: I will first lay down a firm marker with the Colorado House and Senate in my first address to the Colorado Legislature. I will make it clear as governor my number one priority is to empower individuals, not the government. Therefore, I will veto any legislation that comes to my desk that makes it more difficult to do that.

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo: The governor can, and I certainly will, lead the effort to re-establish the principles of the 10th Amendment. This means challenging the overreaching federal government in areas such as education policy (Common Core), Obamacare and regulatory overreach — for example, the EPA has made rules in areas it does not have authority.

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