Why did Harry Reid refuse to apologize to Cory Gardner?

After bashing Gardner a few weeks ago at a high-dollar fundraiser, Reid is refusing to back down. We have to wonder: What is his interest in Colorado's politics?


SOURCE: Politico

At a private fundraiser this month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Colorado’s GOP Senate candidate a “real loser.”

The Nevada Democrat isn’t taking it back.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Reid wouldn’t say if he regretted insulting GOP Rep. Cory Gardner, who is trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in the hotly contested Colorado Senate race.

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“I regret a lot of things I’ve said over the years, but Mark Udall is a fine candidate,” Reid said just off the Senate floor. “He’s ahead of all the polls I’ve seen in Colorado, and I’ve seen a lot of them, and he’s going to win his reelection.”

Reid added that Gardner’s voting record is “one of the worst” and contended that he is one of the most conservative House members. “Having said that, that says a lot.”

Gardner brushed off Reid’s jabs.

“Harry Reid seems to be under a lot of stress these days,” Gardner said in an email. “I intend to forgive these insults and will welcome his input when he is minority leader.”

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