Udall wants Obama to ignore Congress

After inviting the beleaguered President to come speak in Colorado this week, Senator Mark Udall is now backing Obama up on his radical plan to circumvent Congress. (photo from Denverjeffrey


Udall and Barry.jpg

SOURCE: The Colorado Observer

WASHINGTON – The president’s decision to bypass Congress and enact sweeping changes to the nation’s immigration system is supported by Colorado Sen. Mark Udall who says Barack Obama was forced to act alone.

The Republican-controlled House has refused to vote on the Senate’s immigration bill that included amnesty for more than 12 million illegal immigrants. Instead, House lawmakers are holding out for increase border protections against illegal crossings, strengthened interior enforcement, and reforming the bureaucratic immigration process.

“The House of Representatives should not abdicate its responsibility to reform our immigration laws to the president,” Udall said in a statement.

Obama announced Monday he would redirect interior immigration resources to the southern border to help him identify what actions he can take unilaterally to bypass Congress, including new protections to block illegal immigrants from being deported and granting new work permits.

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