What did Udall do this time?

After dodging his Obama-led fundraiser, Udall is now reeling from this news:



We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Senate race out in Colorado this summer, and a seat which at one time seemed like a bit of a stretch for the GOP is beginning to look more and more like a possible 2014 hope and change story for Republicans. Senator Mark Udall has found himself in the political fight of his life against Cory Gardner, and the latest round of news coming out this week certainly hasn’t improved his outlook on life.

Stu Rothenberg has slid the race closer to toss-up territory, noting that Gardner is one of the best candidates in the nation this year and finished the most recent finance reporting period with more than $3M in the bank. That’s a fairly significant assessment, given that many analysts didn’t even have this race on their radar a few months ago and Obama carried the state twice.

Udall’s spirits were probably not much improved when he found out that Quinnipiac not only has the race as a tie now, but put his own approval rating at record lows.