9News rips false, malicious Udall attack ad

We know that Udall has lied about his record and his relationship with Obama, but his latest ad is also a hack job, according to 9News. (photo from Denverjeffrey

Originally posted on 9News.

KUSA—There have already been a host of issues batted around by campaigns this year, but the economy and jobs still top the list of priorities in Colorado polls.

To that end, Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) started bashing challenger Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) over jobs this week with an ad that shows a ship at sea, while explaining that Gardner is part of the reason the jobs set sail.

BOTTOM LINE: The ad stretches Gardner's voting record in order to paint a picture that he's helping to move jobs out of the country, but the votes he took in the House had other strings attached. Gardner says he'd like the offshoring deduction issue to be changed in a broader overhaul of the tax code. Like many other large-scale policy overhauls, that one appears to be a heavy lift in congress right now. That logjam is something plenty of voters in both parties can be upset about.

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