Washington Post: As goes Colorado, so goes the Senate

You know that if a liberal newspaper says Udall is slipping, it's getting bad the embattled Obama ally.

Originally from the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin:

Millions of news cycles (and a few months) ago, Senate seats from Colorado and Iowa were not thought to be in play. But now polls have each of them in a virtual tie. In Iowa, Republican Joni Ernst has a statistically insignificant 0.7 point lead in the RealClearPolitics average over Rep. Bruce Braley, and in Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner (R) trails  incumbent Sen. Mark Udall, also by an insignificant amount (1 point in the RCP average).

Certainly Obamacare and a listless economy play a part, as does the president’s plummeting appeal. Dems in both states voted for Obamacare; both Republicans have pledged to repeal it. It is not surprising that third-party anti-Obamacare ads have already appeared in both states.

As for Colorado, The Post reported last week, “In Colorado, 46 percent of voters say they ‘strongly’ believe that passing Obamacare was a bad idea. . . .  In other words, many more voters are motivated by their distaste for Obamacare than by how much they like it. And the number who strongly dislike it is approaching half of all registered voters — and probably even closer to half among likely voters.”

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