Western Conservative Summit gives voice to young activists

This year's WCS featured many millennial speakers and gave them the opportunity to attend and be energized by A-list conservative leaders.

Originally from The Colorado Independent

In 2008, and then again in 2012, young people were instrumental in electing President Barack Obama. The millennial generation, according to polling, is more diverse, socially liberal and non-religious than its predecessors — making them more of a tofu-eating demographic than traditional sirloin conservatives, in the language of the Western Conservative Summit meeting in Denver this weekend.

The prevailing explanation for this dynamic offered by speakers at summit is that young people are misinformed and conformist. They’re this way, the narrative continues, partly because of laziness and naivete, but also, importantly, because the Left communicates their message far more effectively than the Right.  If social media was supposed to be the great tool of liberation and organization, Democrats, as it turns out, are far better at wielding it.

Liberal-leaning media and academia are primarily responsible for painting Republicans in the worst possible light to the impressionable millennials, according to speaker after speaker, many of whom are prominent on Fox News and other conservative media outlets. The theme of Republicans-as-victims was a common thread running through speeches at the fifth annual summit hosted by Colorado Christian University’s think tank, the Centennial Institute.

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