Complete Colorado: Colorado's Department of Insurance ignores law

This bombshell report from Todd Shepherd reveals that the Colorado DOI allowed some non-Obamacare sanctioned plans to be approved.

All we have to ask is, why?

Originally from Todd Shepherd, Complete Colorado

As President Obama has made changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA – also commonly known as ObamaCare), Republicans and right-of-center outlets have often denounced those actions as illegal. For example, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer called many of the delays in implementing ObamaCare “completely lawless.” The Wall Street Journal said, Obama has a “penchant for treating laws as unlimited grants of power to his Administration…”

And yet, the same controversy over the legality of healthcare rulemaking* has boiled beneath the surface here in Colorado, but with far less volume.  Multiple emails, documents, press releases and bulletins all plainly suggest it was illegal for the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) to allow the sale of health care policies which do not meet all of the “essential requirements” of ObamaCare — a decision the DOI gave a green light to in May.

According to internal emails from late March, DOI Commissioner Marguerite Salazar was certain the state would be breaking the law if it allowed the sale of some older health insurance plans which didn’t meet all of the ACA requirements. 

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