HYPOCRITES? Colorado Senators' interns work for free

So, let's get this straight: these minimum-wage loving libs want to make us pay our employees more while exempting themselves? Sounds about right.

Originally from The Coloradan:

Neither of Colorado’s U.S. senators pay their interns, but as the dog days of summer hit — which is prime time for internships — both offices say the experience makes up for it.

“It’s generally a good professional development activity because of the experience you get and what you learn and the networking you can do, on its own,” said Adam Bozzi, a spokesperson for Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s office. “If interns do good work here, we want to help them succeed, and whatever we can do to help, we’ll do.”

Paying interns would put a limit on how many opportunities the office can offer, Bozzi said. They typically have between 80 and 100 interns a year, most of them in Washington.

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