Which city is the hottest for Millennials? You might be surprised...

Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder? Nope, Colorado Springs!

Originally from the Colorado Springs Independent:

It's a little hard to give this list much credence since it calls Fort Carson "Fort Carlson" and describes San Antonio, the seventh-largest city in the U.S., as "this small city." But either way, with all grains of salt included, here's the word: Colorado Springs is rated No. 1 by Trulia, a real-estate website, in its 10 Surprisingly Hot Markets for Millennials list.

Nature lovers enjoy the sunny skies and fresh mountain air of Colorado Springs’ many parks, trails, and open-air spaces. The defense industry is a big employer in this city, with Fort Carlson [sic], two Air Force bases, and the U.S. Air Force Academy calling Colorado Springs home. This city tops the chart for the fastest-growing millennial population.

Millennials, if you're not familiar, are generally described as the generation born after 1980. We're apparently a tech-crazy, self-centered bunch, but hey, it was our Baby Booming "helicopter parents" who made it so in the first place, so who do you blame? (If you're wondering where the post-World War II generation is moving: Austin. Seriously.)

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