HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! 100 reasons why America is great

As we celebrate our independence today, check out this list from CNN Money and Fortune.



SOURCE: CNN Money/Fortune

FORTUNE -- As Ronald Reagan was so fond of saying: "There you go again." That's right, there Fortune goes again with another 100 great things about America. This is Fortune's third annual list -- our favorite way to kick off the high-summer season -- and we're still following the house rules: No repeats from previous years' lists, which is why you won't see The Mighty Mississippi (it was included last year) or the Ford Mustang (it was on the list the year before). Also, only the living are eligible, so apologies not only to the Great Communicator himself, as well as Andrew Carnegie and Amelia Earhart, but also to Lassie, Flipper, and Mr. Ed.

On this year's list you will find an iconic bridge (we have a bunch of those in this country), a cartoon dog (ditto) and a certain Valley to the south of San Francisco that just happens to be the cradle of global technology innovation (there’s only one of those).

Read the entire list here.