Report: Colorado Springs economy still hurting

What the Democrats in Denver need to remember (we're looking at you, John Hickenlooper,) is that Colorado is more than just the Denver metro area, and a lot of this great state is still hurting.


SOURCE: Wayne Heilman, Colorado Springs Gazette

After a banner year in 2013, the Colorado Springs economy has taken a step backward this year and the prospect for improvement for the rest of 2014 isn't good.

The Business Conditions Index - an indicator compiled by the Southern Colorado Economic Forum - fell to 104.78 in March, its lowest level since December 2011, with six of its 10 components lower than they were a year earlier. (The index is calculated monthly, but published quarterly so the most recent statistics are from March.)

The index measures local housing permits, new car sales, employment, wages, foreclosures, sales and use tax collections, airport passenger traffic and national manufacturing and consumer sentiment, using 100 as its base to reflect how much the economy has recovered since the recession in 2009.

The index is down 5.1 percent from a year earlier, with most of the decline happening over the past six months as a result of weakening housing construction, airport traffic and car sales, which more than offset manufacturing gains.

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