Group stands up for common sense in the Colorado economy



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This fall, a financially troubled, out-of-state gambling interest, with a history of legal problems, wants to write itself into the Colorado Constitution, giving it exclusive rights to open a mega-casino in Arapahoe County.

In 2003, this same gaming interest asked voters for 500 slot machines at their Arapahoe County racetrack and each of the other Colorado tracks they owned. By an overwhelming 80 percent, voters issued a resounding no. Now the Rhode Island casino is in trouble, losing business to new casinos in Massachusetts, and the operators want Colorado voters to bail them out by letting them put at least 2,500 slot machines into an Arapahoe County mega-casino. When will they learn that no means no?

Join Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos in opposing this measure, which would decimate casinos in the historic mountain towns, depriving Colorado of the revenues generated in those towns and eliminating funding for programs and initiatives approved by Colorado voters. 

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