Hickenlooper refuses to take a position on Keystone XL

So after kowtowing to Bloomberg, Hick is now accountable to Washington elites?

Originally from the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Gov. John Hickenlooper is friendly. He brews good beer. He has a drinking problem. As in, he drank a glass of fracking fluid and annoyed anti-fracking activists who are certain such liquids kill.


Likability goes far in politics, but it can't overcome substantial and growing leadership concerns. These are troubled times and we need politicians who stand with conviction. The latest question of Hickenlooper's leadership involves the Keystone XL Pipeline. He spoke enthusiastically about it to The Canadian Press in 2013.

"He says the environmental footprint is roughly the same as that of a similar product from California or Venezuela, but Alberta oil is safer to transport by pipeline and costs less. The governor says a price differential of $20 a barrel covers a lot of environmental investment," The Canadian Press reported.

But here's what the governor said about Keystone on Wednesday at the Rocky Mountain Energy Summit in Denver.

"I've avoided taking a position because it's just going to piss off a lot of people in Washington that I don't need to piss off," said Hickenlooper, as quoted in The Durango Herald.

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