9NEWS "Truth Test" rips new anti-Gardner ad and it's pretty humorous

Anchor Brandon Rittiman offers his audience  a "two for one" with the release of two new ads attacking Cory Gardner seemingly filmed and produced by the same groups (but maybe under two different names?) He finds nothing but misleading statements and vague accusations. 

Brandon Rittiman --- 9NEWS Denver 


KUSA - Two separate left-leaning groups appear to have tried to save on production costs, because they are running two ads that look and sound just about the same.

One adcomes from the political arm of government employee union AFSCME, while the other spot comes from a like-minded group called Colorado Fair Share.

Both ads show the same actor in the same kitchen with the same announcer, who guides on a web search for the same two men: David and Charles Koch.

We will provide a two-for-one factchecking service, examining claims from both ads in this Truth Test.

9NEWS will hold those who run political ads on our networks accountable for what they say. To learn more about how political ads and fact-checking work on 9NEWS, please read these answers to our common questions and comments.


Some of the claims in these ads are variants of arguments we've tested before, while others are new to this year's Truth Test lineup.

CLAIM: "The Koch brothers. What's the deal? Billionaires. Not from around here."


It is true that Koch brothers are billionaires who are not from Colorado.

The Kochs were both born in Kansas, where Charles still lives, while his brother David hangs his hatin New York City.

Of course, Democrats also have their own billionaire donors across the country as well.

For instance, Tom Steyer of California forks over piles of cash to influence elections toward the left.

The ads in question are part of a campaign to make boogeymen out of the Kochs for donating to Republicans, including here in Colorado.

CLAIM: "The Koch brothers are spending millions for Cory Gardner."

VERDICT: Unprovable

We've examined this claim before and rated it unprovable.

That's because the ad spending being reference is done in large part by dark money groups, which do have ties to the Kochs.

The Kochs have given $10,400 directly to Gardner this campaign cycle, according to FEC data.

We don't know how much they've given to groups for the purposes of influencing the Colorado senate race.

While there are certainly other donors contributing besides the Koch brothers, we do know that Koch-aligned groups have spent seven figures in the race.

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Can you spot the differences between these two ads? Probably not (we couldn't, either).