Officials reveal improved education plan for Denver schools

A new plan was unveiled to improve education in Denver's 183 schools. 

Jenny Brundin --- Colorado Public Radio 

Denver school officials unveiled a streamlined plan to guide the city’s 183 schools into the future. The plan updates the original Denver Plan begun in 2005. It is based on responses from 3,000 community members, including parents, families, teachers, school leaders and community partners.

The district’s superintendent, school board members and community leaders gathered at a press conference at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science to outline the plan, which has one overarching goal and four supporting goals.

Superintendent Tom Boasberg says the new goals and objectives mean “that’s how we’re going to spend our time, our money, our professional development time and also that’s a standard that we’re going to hold ourselves accountable to.”

Boasberg and other leaders repeatedly stressed that to reach the goals, the entire community needs do what it can to assist, for example, mentoring a student. 

The number one goal, say district leaders, is to place a high performing school in every neighborhood. Right now 61 percent of DPS students attend high performing schools, as measured by the district’s framework for measuring school performance (SPF). The goal for 2020 is 80 percent.

A second goal is that 80 percent of third graders will be reading at or above grade level. Now 60 percent are on target. Students who read and write at grade level in 3rd grade are likely to be at grade level or above in reading, writing and mathematics in 10th grade.

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