Lack of STEM curriculum in Colorado schools hinders our progress

Todd Engdahl, Chalkbeat Colorado via The Denver Business Journal 

Lack of a “statewide vision” and strategy for STEM education “is impeding Colorado’s ability to develop a strong local talent pipeline needed for an innovation economy,” according to a new Colorado STEM Education Roadmap.

The paper was issued Wednesday by the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) and is intended to build support for STEM education and improve such instruction in the state’s schools.

“Colorado is expected to see above national average growth in STEM occupations over the next decade as well as a rapid increase in the demand for STEM talent across non-STEM professions. However, Colorado’s students are not adequately prepared to compete for these jobs,” said the 12-page document. (Read full roadmap here, and learn more about the initiative’s STEM work here.)

The roadmap also cited a “lack of diversity” among STEM students and workers and said only about half the students who gain STEM credentials actually enter related fields.

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