DISARRAY: Dems fumble in Colorado

Originally from the Colorado GOP:

It was announced with all the fanfare of a done deal, but it’s clearly not a done deal.

GREEENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – This morning, Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper and liberal Congressman Jared Polis announced that they had a non-agreement agreement on ballot initiatives Polis is advancing that would destroy Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

At their press conference, Hickenlooper and Polis stated that they had come to an agreement, and environmentalists would pull their ballot initiatives if pro-industry groups pulled theirs and the state wouldn’t sue the city of Longmont for banning hydraulic fracturing.  Hickenlooper announced that he would then appoint a panel to come up with new regulations that will be considered during next year’s legislative session.    

Onlookers were confused with today’s announcement.  After the press conference New York Times’ Jack Healy tweeted:

“That thing where you leave a press conference with more questions than you had before it.”