Furious Fractivists pin Polis down at Town Hall

After the Polis-Hickenlooper grand debacle, this has to be expected from his constituents.

Originally from the Boulder Daily-Camera:

When Jared Polis arrived Tuesday evening to host a small town hall-style meeting in Boulder, he was met by dozens of furious constituents demanding answers about the congressman's part in a new compromise on state oil and gas drilling.

On Monday, Polis, D-Boulder, stood by Gov. John Hickenlooper for a joint news conference announcing the dissolution of four measures, two of which Polis had helped garner nearly 300,000 petition signatures for.

The first would have required drilling rigs to be set back at least 2,000 feet from homes. The second aimed to increase local control by adding to the state constitution an environmental bill of rights.

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